~Black metal cookies~

Metal hail to all!!!
Welcome to BAKED IN BLOOD!!!
I am BAKED IN BLOOD and this is my online cookie store that sells 17 different kinds of "black metal cookies" to the San Francisco bay area. I make soft yummy cookies that are inspired by the dark and intense nature of black metal. All cookie flavors and names capture the essence and imagery of black metal.

Three ways to purchase BAKED IN BLOOD's Black Metal Cookies:
1. DNA Lounge's 24 hour cafe, DNA Pizza at 375 11th St in San Francisco, is currently featuring BAKED IN BLOOD's Black Metal Cookies. Look for them in the case and ask for them by name.
2. Once a month I sell my cookies at the Cat Club for "Club Gossip", an 80's themed dance night.
3. Through this website using my secure shopping cart. Visit the cookie page first before heading to the secure shopping cart.