About the owner...

I am, BAKED IN BLOOD. I am, an unconventional entity of a "black metal nature" trying to strive in this contemporary society through baking. I am, an opinionated and persnickety Aries with a need to do most things my way. In simple terms, I bake cookies and listen to black and death metal.

Why BAKED IN BLOOD exists...

Death, cancer, death, cancer and oh yeah, more death. A family member, my cousin, had cancer and died in 2010. She always wanted to have her own business but never did. I love black and death metal, and enjoy baking cookies very much. I thought maybe if I united the two maybe I could give it a go as a business in honor of my cousin. Then another cousin was diagnosed with cancer but is surviving thankfully. Then one of my uncles died from cancer in 2013. Well now my cousin who was surviving just died, August 2017. I love my cousins and uncle very much. My online cookie store, BAKED IN BLOOD, started out as an homage to my cousin who always wanted her own business. Now it is also a way to pay tribute to all members of my family that have died. Death is an intense force that I truly respect.

Now I am baking black metal cookies for the people of the San Francisco bay area through my online cookie delivery store based in Oakland. I bake and sell my black metal cookies so that you too can honor your friends and family with them, and for you to enjoy the energy and intensity of black metal as I do.

Whom I'd like to reach

I am a metalhead. My hope is that metalheads, industrial freaks, punks, goths as well as other subcultures (kink culture,comic books geeks, gamers, cos players, horror/sci-fi nuts and so many others) will find in my business a trusted source they can go to for freshly baked cookies. I would like us (metalheads, industrial freaks, punks and goths) to build our community with trust and support and then build better ties with the greater community.

Events I would like to "cookie cater" or sell black metal cookies at

Metal shows in general but especially black and death metal; punk, industrial and goth shows; night clubs with industrial, goth, emb, dark psytrance, drum n' bass/jungle and trance; dark art shows/galleries; raves; horror and sci-fi movie showings; any kind of subculture event; fashion shows (especially those of a dark and/or kink nature); kink parties; funerals/wakes/altar displays; and of course general everyday events like birthdays, parties, weddings, office meetings and more.